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Dermapose™ Access is a guided fat harvesting system which simplifies the procedure in an office based environment.

An innovative
harvesting device

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Dermapose Access is a sterile, single use, closed system intended to assist the harvesting of autologous fat grafts from a patient for plastic and reconstructive surgery applications.

It creates a guided incision for cannula introduction at a controlled depth (10mm) under the skin for the purpose of small volume adipose tissue harvest.

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How does it


14 inHg Vacuum Regulator
Limits maximum vacuum pressure levels to less than those that can cause red skin marks and bruising

90cc Main Cavity
Creates tight seal under vacuum allowing guided harvest of underlying adipose layer

6ft Silicone tubing
Connects to vacuum source to pull skin into 90cc main cavity. Allowing guided adipose tissue collection along a fixed plane 10mm below dermis

12G Needle
Creates small needle puncture through dermis for harvesting cannula to access subcutaneous layer

Articulating arm
Pivots 20 degrees providing a full range of motion and guide access to more of the harvesting site

14G x 15cm
infiltration/harvesting cannula

Infiltrate and harvest lipoaspirate using the included 14G cannula

Dermapose Refresh
Used in combination with Dermapose Access to efficiently process structural microfat

How does it work?

Picture of Dermapose access

Dermapose Access
seamlessly integrates to Dermapose Refresh

Once inserted, the harvesting syringe can be moved in a controlled manner making it possible to harvest fat directly into Dermapose Refresh.

Dermapose refresh Dermapose Access

An overall system that helps you
harvest, purify, microsize and reinject with ease

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Purify & microsize
fat with the same
harvesting syringe
Guided fat harvest
in an office based

Dermapose Access

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Designed to Aid Small Tissue Harvest in a Procedure Room.

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Safety pulls tissue into cavity and creates incision 10mm beneath dermis.

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Negligible Physician Touch Time.