Dermapose™ is the newest cutting-edge fat transfer technology from Puregraft dedicated to volumization and rejuvenation.

Dermapose access picture

Need help to harvest?

Use our optional tool
Dermapose Access

Dermapose access picture

Need help to harvest?

Use our optional tool
Dermapose Access


Dermapose Refresh is a unique all-in-one-tool design to purify, microsize and reinject a patient’s own fat.

This sterile and single use syringe allows doctors to reinject ~15cc of microfat. The 50 mL vacuum-lock syringe with a built-in 800 μm filter designed to gently microsize adipose tissue parcel size allows for easier injection through small 18-21G injectors.

For optimum performance, Dermapose Refresh should be used in conjunction with the Dermapose Refresh Stand, which is a reusable, autoclavable component designed to hold the syringe securely during use.

Purify & microsize
fat with the same
harvesting syringe

How does it
work ?


30cc Output Syringe
Microfat sized to less than 800µm
and collected in a closed system
prior to transfer to injection syringes
(twist to remove)

Built in Vacuum Lock
Designed to hold vacuum pressure
during harvesting (lock at full vacuum)

50cc chamber with built-in dead space
Allows harvesting of up to 50cc lipoaspirate. Dead space ensures syringe vacuum pressures do not exceed 25 inHg

800 μm Sizing Filter
Single step sizing filter used to separate microfat (>800um) in sterile manner allowing injection through 21G cannula

Luer lock cannula hub
Luer lock hub designed to work with included cannula set

14G x 15cm infiltration/harvesting cannula
Infiltrate and harvest lipoaspirate using the included 14G cannula

How does it work ?


Learn more
about harvesting

We have also developed a guided harvesting aid that integrates seamlessly with Dermapose Refresh.

Discover Dermapose Access

Dermapose Refresh the ideal filler

Most natural filler
on the market (3,4)

Dermapose™ harnesses the regenerative power of fat to reshape and rejuvenate. Stem cells, preadipocytes and mature fat cells are found in abundance within every microfat transfer.

Longest lasting filler on the market (3,4)

Unlike temporary fillers, which are typically absorbed by the body within 6 months, Dermapose™ uses the patient´s own microfat to address volume loss in the face with long-lasting results that range from 8 to 12 years.

The quickest office-based procedure to obtain quality microfat

Fat transfer

Several market research reveal a high potential of the fat transfer procedure used for aesthetic purposes.

facelift procedures

performed in 2016 in the U.S. (5)

Anti-wrinkle products contributed to the largest market share

with a share of around 50% in 2018. (6)

USD billion to reach by the global Aesthetic Medicine Market by 2026. (6)

Minimally invasive & non-invasive treatment is a significant factor estimated to stimulate market growth.